34 Ft Catamaran Aventura

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Ever wanted to experience the bliss of sailing on a serene vessel, with every amenity at your fingertips? Enter the 34 Ft Aventura Catamaran – a modern marvel designed for ultimate relaxation and adventure.

Perfect for Small Groups

Imagine cruising along the azure waters with your close-knit group or family, absorbing every moment. This catamaran sets the tone for intimate gatherings, be it a family vacation or a much-needed get-together with friends.

Modern and Functional Design

Crafted with a contemporary flair, it’s not just about the looks; it’s about providing a top-notch experience.

Spacious Front Area

Sunbathing Haven

Feel the sun kiss your skin as you lay on the front deck. The generous space here is all about lounging and living in the moment.

Refreshing Ambience

Sip on a cool beverage, feel the sea’s salty mist, and let all your worries drift away.

The Living Room Experience

Comfort and Serenity

The catamaran’s rear invites you with its expansive couch area – big enough to host lively chats or peaceful moments with seven companions.

Melody of the Sea

Listen. Can you hear it? The soft sound of the waves, like a lullaby, enhances the living room’s tranquility.

Inside the Catamaran: Cabins and Amenities

The Cabins

Three snug cabins await the weary traveler. Perfect for a nap or a night’s rest, these spaces epitomize comfort.

Additional Features

With a well-equipped kitchen and an enclosed toilet, the catamaran ensures that all your needs are met.

The Deck Experience

Sunbathing Options

Whether you prefer the nets upfront or the cushy seats at the flybridge, you’re in for a treat.

360 Breathtaking Views

From the flybridge, experience vistas that captivate the soul. Every angle, a painting; every view, a memory.

Shaded Relaxation

For those who seek solace from the sun, the rear deck, shaded and spacious, is your go-to spot. Here, time slows down as you sip your favorite drink.

Technical Specifications

  • Length: 34 Feet
  • Capacity: Up to 15 people
  • Cabins: 3
  • Enclosed Toilets: 1
  • Features: Kitchen, Sun deck, Living room accommodating 7 people

Why Choose the 34 Ft Aventura Catamaran?

Not just a boat, but a floating paradise. Whether it’s the design, the amenities, or the overall experience, the 34 Ft Aventura Catamaran promises an unforgettable journey.


In essence, the 34 Ft Aventura Catamaran is not just a vessel; it’s an emotion. A blend of luxury, comfort, and nature’s raw beauty. Isn’t it time you set sail?


How many people can the 34 Ft Aventura Catamaran accommodate?
Up to 15 people.
Is there a kitchen onboard?
Yes, the catamaran is equipped with a functional kitchen.
How many cabins are available for resting?
There are three comfortable cabins.
Can we sunbathe at the rear of the catamaran?
While the front and flybridge are designed for sunbathing, the rear offers a shaded seating area.
What’s the length of the catamaran?
It measures 34 feet in length.
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